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  • Kate Findley

    Kate Findley

    As a coach, I help you tap into your innate creativity so you can open up a world of possibilities you never knew existed. https://generatemagic.com/

  • Robert M. Detman

    Robert M. Detman

    Published in over fifty publications: Antioch Review, The Southampton Review, The Smart Set, Akashic Books, Newfound, Pleiades, and elsewhere. robertmdetman.com

  • Lane Lowry

    Lane Lowry

    Lane Lowry is a developer and real estate expert who currently lives in Portland, Oregon. He has spearheaded multimillion dollar projects throughout his career.

  • Crizia Giansalvo

    Crizia Giansalvo

  • Stephen Marks

    Stephen Marks

    Economist, teacher, student, dabbler in philosophy, ideas, music, and sport. Knows nothing for sure or maybe at all.

  • Eoghan Neburagho-Gregg

    Eoghan Neburagho-Gregg

    Natural Wine Blogger | Wine Advocate | Grill Cook

  • Brooks Park

    Brooks Park

    Mystical Hedonist; Drug Geek; Psychonaut. Prone to irreverent social commentary.

  • Steve Newman Writer

    Steve Newman Writer

    Playwright, Historian, and Freelance Writer…

  • Jeff Maysh

    Jeff Maysh

    Crime journalist in Los Angeles.

  • Shaq Cheris

    Shaq Cheris

    Editorial @ Medium

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